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The Program

AASIB is a voluntary student organization whose goal is to help incoming freshmen and transfer students smoothly transition into the Stanford community by exposing you to the various academic, extra-curricular, and social opportunities on campus. Our Big Sib/Lil' Sib Program matches you up with a sib family (or as we like to call them "sibfams"), which consists of about 4 lil' sibs and 5-7 big sibs. Sibfams are created based on similar academic interests, majors, activities, or personal pursuits. You don't have to be Asian to sign up and be part of a sibfam! Roles of Big Sibs

Role of Big Sibs

Big sibs serve as mentors and often best friends, who are there to guide you through your first year at Stanford. They can help you answer questions such as:

Big sibs also arrange sibfam activities including:

Meet Everyone!

The AASIB program is an invaluable resource and such a great opportunity to meet upperclassmen, other freshmen and transfers, and dive right into Stanford life with sib family support behind you! If you have any questions/concerns please email any of the AASIB coordinators (our contact info is in the Staff tab). Sign up!

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We Are Family: This event introduces freshmen and transfers to the rich Asian American community at Stanford. It is a night of cultural performances and speakers from the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) and various Asian American student cultural groups on campus. The night ends with your first meeting with your sibfam!

Screw Your Sib: Big sibs are responsible for matching each of their lil sibs up with a blind date. This fun night consists of a sibfam dinner with your dates and a night of dancing at the official AASIB Screw your Sib Dance. Who knows maybe your big sibs do know best?


Pie Night: Come join your sibfam and all of the other AASIB sibfams for a night of yummy pies and socializing. Meet other sibfams and bond with your co-sibs and bigs!


Big Sib Recruitment BBQ: Want to be a big sib for the following year's freshmen and transfers? Rollout to the BBQ, meet other potential bigs, sign up as a sibfam, and enjoy some yummy Korean BBQ as we get pumped for next years littles!

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